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The Barn People - Barns Explained

What is a barn frame?

oldbarnOur experience with barn over many years has shown us that the frame is the essential and most interesting component of any barn’s construction and character. Their sound engineering and time-tested construction have survived the ravages of time because they were kept dry and had good foundations. It is the materials that enclose the frame (the flooring, the siding, and the roofing) that take the real beating. A barn is basically a framework of solid timbers clothed with a replaceable exterior skin that, when carefully dismantled and restored, can be given a new life at a new location.

Barn frames are one-of-a-kind vintage antiques. The pleasing proportions, simple natural lines and character of these basic structures are honest and offer an integrity of design not available in standardized construction. Later additions of wings, sheds or ells will only enhance their character. And... these simple, natural lines create a settled feeling on the land, like the barn has always been there! A well-designed barn conversion, utilizing high tech components such as stress-skin insulation panels, can provide energy efficiency and low maintenance to satisfy the needs of modern living. They possess a traditional beauty with their warm mellowed timbers that provide a romance and charm that cannot be duplicated. This same charm has proven highly effective in the resale of many of our completed projects. The concept of relocating a vintage Vermont barn to a choice site allows you to save a piece of our architectural heritage.

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